Graduate Programs in Water Resources Engineering and Management in Kish Campus

Many regions of the world are increasingly facing challenges when it comes to managing water. The nature of these challenges differs from one location to the next. It may relate to having too little water while water demands are growing (water scarcity), too much water (flooding), and water of poor quality rendering it unfit to sustain aquatic ecosystems and/or containing the provision of water to people, industry and agriculture. Addressing these challenges requires that water managers apply an integrated and interdisciplinary approach, taking into account hydrological, biophysical, chemical, social, economic, institutional, legal, policymaking and planning aspects. The M.Sc. and Ph.D. Water Resources Engineering and Management programs provide such an integrated and interdisciplinary approach. Throughout the program, students are encouraged to study water resources management from a multidisciplinary perspective and to seek integrated solutions for problems selected from real case studies.

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