The Inter-Islamic Network on Water Resources Development and Management (INWRDAM) is seeking technical and financial offers from local companies or local expert teams to conduct five technical baseline studies

The purposes of the consultancy are to conduct five technical baseline studies to:

·         Provide INWRDAM Team with a dashboard on baseline crops, water use, over-irrigation and groundwater aquifers availability and salinity, in Mafraq area.

·         Evaluation of on-farm water use efficiency

·         Define sub-localities of priority intervention that the project should target in order to achieve the highest impact on saving water while sustaining crop productivity.

·         Define the potential of non-conventional water resources in agriculture.

Under the direction of INWRDAM , the consultancy company will conduct the following studies:


Study 1: Crop type mapping

Study 2: Water use efficiency

Study 3: Saline water resources

Study 4: Determine the potential of Treated waste water reuse in irrigation

Study 5: Water Harvesting potential

Duration of the assignment:      

The above mentioned 5 studies should be accomplished within 6 months.

Language of the assignment:     

All deliverables including maps and drawings should be in english language.

Please contact INWRDAM at the following address in two weeks to receive a copy of the TOR.

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P.O.Box 1460, Jubeiha
Amman PC 11941, Jordan

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